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Welcome to Indik McNamara & Dallarda

Indik McNamara & Dallarda was founded as a lawfirm in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in 1994by Martin K. Indik and Thomas S. McNamara,who graduated together from Rutgers LawSchool in 1983.

We are litigators who have extensiveexperience in representing plaintiffs invarious areas of civil law, includingprofessional malpractice litigation,personal injury litigation, commerciallitigation and estate litigation. We havespecial expertise in several areas. In thearea of legal malpractice,Marty Indik is one of few lawyers inthe state recognized for distinction byNew Jersey Magazine in the field ofplaintiff's professionalmalpractice. In the area of medical malpractice, wehave the advantage of working with Dr. AlanJacobs, an experienced physician and expertin obstetrics, gynecology and gynecologicaloncology to review and litigate claims ofdelayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, andnegligent treatment. Tom McNamara hasextensive experience in the music industryand has achieved notable success inlitigation in that area, as well as in otherareas of corporate litigation andmalpractice litigation. Carl Dallarda is apublished expert in collection strategies,and an experienced arbitrator and litigatorof Lemon Law and Consumer Fraud claims.

Typically, our clients come to us seekingcounsel and representation in recoveringmoney they feel is due to them because of adispute, injury or breach of professionalduty. We apply our legal skills and analysisin a result-oriented manner to benefit ourclients. We recognize that each case isdifferent and that each client has differentneeds and we focus on developing legalsolutions that best meet those needs.Sometimes that involves an uncompromisingstrategy geared toward obtaining the highestjury award. In other situations, our clientsare better served by a frank assessment andan early mediation process aimed towardsfacilitating a reasonable settlement andavoiding the costs and delays of a trial. Wework closely with the client in determiningthe best strategy and commit ourselves fullyto achieving the best possible outcome.

At Indik McNamara & Dallarda we make it a pointof pride to be accessible to our clients. Wenever avoid phone calls and we respondpromptly. We do not rush our clients off thephone; we make sure that we have answeredall questions and concerns thoroughly,regardless of how long it takes. We alsorealize the people confronted with a legalsituation are often unsure how to proceed orwhich lawyer to hire and so we give freeinitial consultations. Many of the cases wetake, including commercial and businessdisputes, are handled on a contingency feebasis. That means that you don’t pay anattorney's fee unless we recover money foryou.

At Indik McNamara & Dallarda, we regularly hearfrom former clients who are returning with anew case or simply wish to discuss legalconcerns. They come back to us because theyknow we will be there for them.

Whether you wish to speak to someone aboutan existing case or you need to know theoptions you have to pursue what isrightfully yours, give our firm a call.

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